Venslar Returns To Shadow Arena With Strengthened Team Support AbilitiesVenslar Returns To Shadow Arena With Strengthened Team Support Abilities


Pearl Abyss announced today that their action-packed PvP game Shadow Arena now has the latest version of their hero, Venslar. This new version of Venslar can make players more strategic by providing support for their friends while fighting.

The previous Venslar, who was an Offense Hero, is now reborn as a Support Hero, one of 3 types of heroes in Shadow Arena. The newest skill set allows players to increase the DP of themselves and friends, restore HP of allies, and increase their Attack Speed ​​and Movement Speed.

Venslar’s previous unique characteristics, which allowed him to change defense and attack positions, were retained. Venslar can deflect attacks from opponents while helping his comrades, and chases his opponents for quick attacks. Thanks to these abilities, players can become more strategic when fighting as a team.

Apart from that, the Item Preset feature has been updated to increase the convenience of players. Players can now buy the items they want directly using shortkeys , without having to visit the in- game shop .

Check out the official website , Discord , Facebook , YouTube and Twitter for more information.

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