Resident Evil 4 Remake Version Delayed Due To Cross Opinions?


The emergence of a remake version of RE2 and 3 makes gamers wonder which games will receive a similar “upgrade”. And in April 2020, rumors surfaced that Capcom, together with the M-Two studio, were working on a remake version of Resident Evil 4. Unfortunately, bad news has now emerged stating that the game development in question is having problems.

The news came from VGC , who claimed to have received information from sources who know the game project in depth. The obstacle in question comes from a disagreement between Capcom and M-Two, the studio formed by Tatsuya Minami as the former CEO of PlatinumGames.

According to the source, the argument occurred because M-Two wanted to keep the remake version the same as the original. The decision was based on gamers’ disappointment with the remake of RE3, because there was a reduction in content compared to the original version, so it felt different. From the loss of the Live Selection feature, a number of puzzles , to various areas such as City Hall and Raccoon City Park.

However, Capcom is actually trying to bring the remake of Resident Evil 4 in a new direction. The trick is to present story elements and a brand-new environment not found in the original game . For example Mr. function. X which has a larger portion in the RE2 remake version .

As a result, there was a reduction in the role of M-Two because the Resident Evil 4 remake project was now taken over by Capcom Division 1. And this takeover led to reboots in a number of parts of the game, of course impacting the release date. According to estimates, the RE4 remake project will be released sometime in 2023. Until now, Capcom has not provided any confirmation regarding this rumor.

Released on the GameCube console in 2005, Resident Evil 4 is a title that brings major changes to the Resident Evil series. Mainly in the field of gameplay which now emphasizes the action side, as well as the use of an iconic point of view over the shoulder . It’s no wonder that this element has been used again in several RE titles that have followed, including two remakes that have already hit the market.


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