New Servers And Class “Warlock” Now Available In Blade & Soul Revolution


Global gaming company, Netmarble , today announced the arrival of the Warlock update , a new long-range class that uses charms and magic. Apart from that, new servers have been opened along with this large-scale update . Players can now play Warlock to fight alongside Thrall, and provide powerful attacks by strengthening Ally through Soulburn mode.

Netmarble has also prepared a Rapid Growth Support Box and a Special Heroic Equipment Box, to help players strengthen Warlock quickly. In addition, players who log in today will also get +8 Heroic Slaughter Accessory Set.

Special events with Special Heroic Equipment Box and Black Crystal rewards were also held to celebrate the arrival of the Warlock update . These rewards can be obtained by players who check-in for 7 consecutive days, and reach a certain level. In addition, players can get various additional benefits on the new server , such as Master Class Costume and a total of up to 5,000 Black Crystals.

The Snow Festival is present in the new Event Area, namely Snowy Basin (Peace Area) and Dark Snowy Basin (War Area). Snowy Basin (Peace Area) is available 24 hours, while Dark Snowy Basin (War Area) is open twice a day for one hour, at 17.30 WIB and 21.00 WIB. Players can collect Blue Orb and Snow Essence, then exchange them for various items such as the Heroic Pet “Lotus Fairy,” Heroic Gem Box, Radiant Heroic Equipment Box, and many more. In addition, Event Boss Xerjin will appear four times in this Event Area. Players who can beat this Boss Event will get various rewards .

New Fishing & Gems content will also be available starting today. Players can use the Fishing Rod in a place full of water and get Pearl from the caught fish, then Craft Gem Box to get Gems. Gems are items to increase stats by attaching them to equipment. Players who complete various missions during the Fishing & Gem content update celebration event can get rewards up to Heroic Gems.

Blade & Soul Revolution is a mobile version of the MMORPG adapted from the popular online PC game Blade & Soul. The game maintains the overall 3D graphics quality, as well as the same large-scale content as its predecessor PC version, and has been updated so that it works well on mobile devices .

In addition to offering high-quality 3D visuals, players can also enjoy large-scale real-time Faction War content and stunning martial arts action. Apart from that, there is also dungeon content full of strategies and social features that are active like a real community.

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