April release! Come on, check 5 facts about the New Pokémon Snap game


Pokémon is one of the largest franchises and has a huge following around the world. With its 25th birthday, Pokémon Company released a video clip of the release of its new spin-off game , New Pokémon Snap .

This news is certainly very exciting for Pokémon fans. Previously, fans were treated to a teaser for the New Pokémon Snap game in June 2020. This game will be playable on the Nintendo Switch console and will be released in April. Come on, check out the five facts about the New Pokémon Snap game !

1. In this game , photographing Pokémon is the main task

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In the main Pokémon game , our task is to catch Pokémon to fill data in the Pokédex and fight other Pokémon trainers. However, in this New Pokemon Snap game , the way to collect Pokémon is different.

You are asked to take a picture of Pokémon on an island. Taking pictures is our main task and is a task given by the professor. Unique, yes!

2. This game is a sequel to the Pokémon Snap game

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Pokémon Snap was released in 1999 and can be played on Nintendo 64. Then, in 2007, the game was released again by Nintendo and can be played on the Nintendo Wii. Meanwhile, this latest game makes fans enthusiastic because it brings nostalgia.

Basically, the two games have the same gameplay : collecting portraits of Pokémon and exploring the forest, sea, and other places on an island. However, of course the New Pokémon Snap game has more features and variations of Pokémon.

3. There are 200 different types of Pokémon to capture

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There are 200 Pokémon that will be present in this game and scattered in various ecosystems on an unspoiled island. It consists of various Pokémon from various regions. The number of Pokémon in this game is quite increasing compared to Pokémon Snap, which only has 63 Pokémon in it.

4. This game features new protagonists and regions


New Pokémon Snap features two new protagonists whose official names are not yet known and you can change their appearance as you wish. This game is set on a small island called Lental Region, which has a variety of Pokémon from various regions. This game also presents a new professor, namely Professor Mirror.

5. You can pre-order, you know!

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This game will be released on April 30, 2021 and you can pre-order , you know! The game developed by Bandai Namco Studios is priced at $ 59.99 or around Rp.840 thousand and you can order it on the official Nintendo website.

Those are the five facts about the New Pokémon Snap game.  How? Are you interested in buying it?


Come on, check the official trailer !


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